Body language for self-confidence

Thinking is amazing. It is worthwhile to think of ourselves as a confident person, and then we have confidence in ourselves. It is worth wanting to evoke a specific emotion, how it appears and completely changes the mood. No less amazing things happen with the body. Teach yourself to walk in small steps, cringe and wring your hands – and uncertainty is assured to you. And vice versa: strong postures are automatically recognized by the brain. He receives a signal: “A person stands in a strong posture. So he is a strong man and confident in himself. ” It’s amazing, but it works, worked and will work.


This advice is pretty boring, but only because it’s the easiest way to arrange the interlocutor and gain confidence in yourself. Smiling, we seem to ourselves better than before. This is noticed by the brain: if we smile, then everything is fine.

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